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Swimming Pool Heat Pumps

AQUA PRO Titanium Swimming Pool Heat Pumps - Professional Range

South Africa’s Best Selling Swimming Pool Heat Pumps.

With programmable temperatures up to 40 degrees Celsius you too can now enjoy the luxury of a heated swimming pool every day of the year.

AQUA PRO pool heat pumps have an excellent energy efficiency rating which results in a low cost of operation.

We offer the full range of the AQUA PRO heat pumps with sizes available for all domestic and commercial swimming pools up to 500,000 litres in volume.

These can be used as a stand alone pool heating unit or be installed inline with pool solar panels as a complementary heating  system.

Benefits & Features:

  • Heat Your Swimming Pool To A Comfortable Temperature All Year Round.
  • Excellent Heat Transfer & Energy Efficiency With a COP (coefficient of performance) Value Up To 5.0
  • High Quality Titanium Heat Exchangers.
  • Programmable Temperatures Up To 40 Degrees Celsius.
  • Micro Computer Controller Allows For Easy Operation & Setting Of Parameters.
  • Fully Functional LCD Display For Temperature & Operational Status.
  • Our Heat Pumps Offer Great Performance While Operating Silently.
  • Compact, Weather Proof & Environmentally Friendly With R410A Refrigerant.
  • Easy Installation With 50-mm Screw On Couplings.
  • All Our Swimming Pool Heat Pumps Are Factory Tested Before Delivery For Quality Assurance & Are Backed By A 2-Year Warranty
  • Great Prices On Top Quality Pool Heat Pumps With Sizes Ranging From 5.6kw to 90.0kw

If you want to enjoy your swimming pool throughout the year and need an energy efficient way to keep it heated day and night then an Aqua Pro heat pump is just the way to accomplish this.

Our swimming pool heat pumps work by using a small amount of electricity along with sun warmed air to extract ambient heat out of the environment. This extracted heat energy is then transferred to your swimming pool as water is circulated through the system. In other words a heat pump basically just removes existing heat already found in the air around us and transfers it to your swimming pool.

With their excellent energy efficiency our pool heat pumps have a much lower cost of operation compared to standard electrical pool heaters. With a COP (coefficient of performance) value up to 5.0 it means that you get around R5.00 worth of heating output power for every R1.00 of electricity used.

 Heat pumps are compact and are usually installed neatly next to the swimming pool’s pump and filter system. They are also a great alternative when there isn't enough roof space to have pool solar panels installed.

Our heat pumps can be used as a stone alone pool heating system or can be combined with solar panels and a solar blanket for a complete pool heating solution which offers maximum performance throughout the year at the lowest possible running cost.

 Why Use A Swimming Pool Heat Pump And How Do They Work?

Swimming Pool Heat Pump Basics

Heat pumps work by removing heat from the surrounding air and transferring this heat to your swimming pool.

Liquid refrigerant housed within an evaporator coil absorbs heat energy from the outside ambient air causing it to become heated gas.

The warm gas in the evaporator coil is then passed through a compressor which squeezes the gas causing its temperature to climb further.

The now hot high pressure gas is then passed through a condenser which collects and transfers  heat from the gas to the cooler water circulating through the heat pump.

The cooler water is heated and circulated back to the swimming pool.

as the hot gas flows through the condenser and transfers its heat to the water it once again returns to its liquid form where is passes back to the evaporator coil and the processes is repeated.

Swimming Pool Heat Pump Sizes

Recommended Sizes When Used With A Swimming Pool Solar Blanket.

  • 5.6kW - 220V For  Swimming Pools Up To 20,000 Litres.
  • 9.5kW - 220V For  Swimming Pools Up To 35,000 Litres.
  • 12.5kW - 220V For  Swimming Pools Up To 50,000 Litres.
  • 17.0kW - 220V For  Swimming Pools Up To 70,000 Litres.
  • 21.0kW - 380V For  Swimming Pools Up To 100,000 Litres. (Requires 3-Phase Supply)
  • 26.0kW - 380V For  Swimming Pools Up To 125,000 Litres. (Requires 3-Phase Supply)
  • 31.0kW - 380V For  Swimming Pools Up To 160,000 Litres. (Requires 3-Phase Supply)
  • 45.0kW - 380V For  Swimming Pools Up To 250,000 Litres. (Requires 3-Phase Supply)
  • 90.0kW - 380V For  Swimming Pools Up To 500,000 Litres. (Requires 3-Phase Supply)



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