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SOLAR-LAB PRO Swimming Pool Solar Panels

Enjoy The Luxury Of A Solar Heated Pool

Solar heating is one of the most cost effective and environmentally friendly methods to heat your swimming pool to a warm and comfortable temperature for 8 months of the year or more.

With our swimming pool solar panels now available at factory direct prices of only R1395.00 each, everybody can afford to enjoy the luxury of a heated pool.

We supply complete DIY pool solar panel packages throughout South Africa and can also provide full on-site installation for customers based in Gauteng.

SOLAR-LAB PRO Pool Solar Panels is South Africa’s number-1 choice for effective and affordable pool heating solutions.

Swimming Pool Solar Heating

Benefits & Features:

  • Swimming Pool Solar Panel Size: 3.0m x 1.2m Priced @ R1395.00 Each.
  • 1 Solar Panel Required For Every 10,000 litres Of Water. To Get  An Average Temperature Increase Of 8 - 10°C.  
  • World Class, UV Protected HDPE Riser Tube Design.
  • Top Quality Pool Solar Panels With High Efficiency Heat Exchange Properties.
  • No Maintenance & Running Costs.
  • Fully Modular System Allowing For Easy Installation.
  • Excellent Resistance Against Frost, Hail & Wind Damage.
  • No Backing Sheets Are Required.
  • Proven 30-Year Life Expectancy.
  • 12-Year Warranty.  
  • Safe To Use In Salt Water Swimming Pools.
  • Eco & Environmentally Friendly.
  • Fully Installed & DIY Pool Solar Panel Kits Available.
  • Suitable For All Types & Sizes Of Swimming Pools & Spas.
  • Zero Moisture Build Up On Roof Behind Solar Panels
  • Suitable for Tiled, Concrete, & Metal Roofs

Pool Solar Panels On Special

Only R1395.00 Each!

SIZE: 3,0m x 1,2m

 How Do SOLAR-LAB PRO Swimming Pool Solar Panels Work?

How Many Solar Panels Do I Need For My Swimming Pool?

Are SOLAR-LAB PRO Pool Solar Heating Systems Easy To Install?

 What Makes SOLAR-LAB PRO Solar Panels The Best Choice For Your  Pool?

By harnessing the free solar energy provided by the sun, you can heat your swimming pool to a comfortable and enjoyable temperature for most parts of the year.

Solar Pool Panels work by absorbing heat from the sun and transferring it directly to the water in your swimming pool.

First the panels are installed on a nearby roof that receives a decent amount of sunshine for at least 6 - 8 hours a day.

Water is then circulated up to the solar panels using the swimming pool’s normal pump and filter system.

As the water travels through the solar heating system it absorbs the heat collected by the panels and is circulated it back into your swimming pool.

No electricity is used for the pool panels to function besides for the power already being used by the swimming pool’s pump to run on a day to day basis.

Pool solar heating systems work at their best during the long summer months when they receive maximum exposure to the sun’s rays.

Although the science behind pool solar heating is relatively simple, it remains one the easiest, and most effective ways to heat a swimming pool.

It is also completely natural and eco-friendly as a solar system creates no electrical wastage and this also makes it the cheapest method to heat a swimming pool to your desired temperature.

As a guideline we recommend that a minimum of 1 solar panel is used for every 10,000-litres of water in your swimming pool.

This formula is generally effective to raise a pool’s normal ambient water temperature by around 8 to 10 degrees °C

There are some other important factors to consider when deciding how many solar panels are to be used which include the distance between the pump system and roof, the type of roof the panels are to be mounted on, the amount of direct sunlight the roof is exposed to each day and whether the swimming pool is cover by a heat retaining blanket or not.

Should your pool not be covered with a solar blanket we may suggest increasing the ratio of solar panels used by up to 50%

To calculate the average volume of water in your swimming pool the following equation can be used.

  Length x Width X Average Depth X 1000

= Total Water Volume.


Swimming Pool Measures 6.0-Meters In Length, 4.0-Meters In Width.

Shallow End Is Around 1.2-Meters In Depth & Deep End Is Around 1.8-Meters In Depth.

(Average Depth = 1.8 + 1.2 Divided By 2.)

= 1.5-Meters Average Depth.

Total Water Volume:

 6.0-L x 4.0-W x 1.5-Av-D = 36

36 x 1000 = 36,000-Litres

Our solar pool panels are very easily to install and most installations only take a few hours to complete.

We offer affordable DIY pool heating packages for customers based anywhere in South Africa and we also do full on-site installations anywhere in Johannesburg, Pretoria, Vereeniging and Gauteng.

Panels can be purchased individually or can be accompanied with a complete valve and fitting installation kit which includes everything you need to get your pool heated in no time at all.

Peace of mind is guaranteed by our 12-year warranty on all DIY and fully installed SOLAR-LAB PRO Pool Solar Panel Systems.

Intensive research and cutting edge engineering has resulted in one of the very best solar pool heating system available on the market today.

Made from durable, high quality materials our solar panels ensure that the maximum heating potential is obtained for your swimming pool while the neat, fully modular design results in a long lasting pool heating system that runs hassle free for years and seasons on end.

The clever riser tube design has very low wind resistance ensuring the solar panels aren’t damaged and blown off in heavy winds. No moisture can build up behind the solar panels and this design also benefits from heat being reflected of the roof increasing efficiency.

Each component is fully serviceable and allows for easy upgrading should additional solar panels want to be added to an existing pool heating system.

The ultra durable, UV stabilised polyethylene composition of our solar panels makes them suitable for use in the most extreme of South African climates. They are also safe for use in salt water swimming pools and can be installed on flat or pitched roofs while always ensuring a neat appearance.

SOLAR-LAB PRO Solar Panels are not only effective at heating swimming pools but can also be used to heat your Jacuzzi to a warm and comfortable temperature while saving you money on your spa’s electrical bill each month.

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