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Exclusive Pool Heating

Your Swimming Pool Heating Specialists.

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Exclusive Jacuzzi & Spa Repairs

We are South Africa’s leaders in Jacuzzi, Hot-Tub & Spa Repairs.

Specialising in all your spa and Jacuzzi repair and service requirements.

We have dedicated teams operating throughout Gauteng and its surrounding provinces.

We are fully equipped to handle any problem no matter how big or small including repairs to Jacuzzi pumps and pump systems, Jacuzzi heaters and filters, new Jacuzzi installations, Jacuzzi renovations as well as regular Jacuzzi cleaning and maintenance work.

Spa, Hot Tub & Jacuzzi Repairs

Jacuzzi Repairs

Jacuzzi & Spa Repairs:

  • Repairs To All Makes, Brands & Models of Jacuzzis, Spas & Hot-Tubs Throughout Gauteng, Johannesburg, Pretoria & The Vaal Triangle.
  • Expert Advice, Guidance and Professional On-Site Problem Assessments.
  • Jacuzzi Services, Maintenance, Monthly Cleanups, Repairs & Renovations.
  • New Jacuzzi & Spa Installations, Relocations, & Removals.
  • Repairs to Jacuzzi Pumps, Jacuzzi Heater Systems, Jacuzzi Filters, Jacuzzi Electrical Boxes & More.
  • New & Replacements Jacuzzi Wooden Surrounds.
  • Free, No Obligation On-Site Assessments & Quotations Done Anywhere In Gauteng.

Hot Tub, Spa & Jacuzzi Covers

Custom made Jacuzzi covers for all brands of spas and hot tubs.

Our spa and Jacuzzi covers are manufactured to international standards and only the very best quality components are used in their production.

Each cover is custom made to your Jacuzzi’s exact specification and are available in a wide variety of colour choices and materials for both indoor and outdoor installations.

We manufacture Jacuzzi hard covers for all shapes, sizes and models and deliver throughout South Africa.

Spa & Jacuzzi Covers

Jacuzzi Cover Features & Benefits:

  • Keeps your spa clean and free of dust, leaves and insects.
  • Helps your Jacuzzi heat up faster and retain its water temperature for longer.
  • Our Jacuzzi covers can be fitted with safety clips to keep children from being able to open the cover get into the spa.
  • Manufactured from extra strong, high density EPS inners with steel C-channel support beams installed on all covers.
  • Inners are wrapped in 250-micron SABS vapour guard sheeting with a heavy duty, Poly-PVC underside.
  • Available in either marine grade vinyl or premium grade, 700gsm PVC material for Jacuzzis and spas that are installed in outdoor locations.

 South Africa’s Leading Manufacturer of Jacuzzi & Spa Covers

With over 20 years experience in the spa and hot tub industry we have perfected the art of making South Africa’s best quality Jacuzzi covers.

Each component used in the production of our spa covers has been carefully selected for optimum durability and longevity.

Our spa cover inners are made from extra high density EPS sheets which are not only stronger than our competitors but also have better thermal retention properties.

The inners are reinforced with rigid, galvanized C-channel support beams that add a great deal of strength and ensures that the cover doesn’t sag and deform over time.

Our inners are 100mm in thickness are tapered down to 60mm on the edges to ensure that rain water can’t accumulate in the centre of the cover and cause deterioration.   

The inner sheets are wrapped in our SABS 250-micron vapour guard sheeting which ensures that condensation doesn’t get trapped inside the cover.

Our next generation of Jacuzzi covers are now made with a heavy duty, waterproof, Poly-PVC  underside which is an industry first.

This feature not only protects your Jacuzzi cover against chlorine exposure but also greatly extends its overall life expectancy.

For the outer cover sleeve we have a selection of either marine grade vinyl material which we generally recommend for Jacuzzis which are located indoors or in an area that is relatively protected from the outside elements.

For spas that are fully exposed to the harsh outside weather conditions we recommend our premium grade 700-gsm PVC material which is specifically suited for use in these environments.

Our Jacuzzi covers are all tailor made to each customer’s individual requirements and specifications.

We offer factory direct prices on all our Jacuzzi covers and delivery is available anywhere in South Africa.

Spa & Jacuzzi hard covers Jacuzzi Cover Prices Jacuzzi Covers

 Spa & Jacuzzi Spares, Parts & Replacement Components



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Jacuzzi Spares & Parts

  • We stock a wide range of spares and replacement components for all Jacuzzis, spas & hot tubs.
  • Replacement Jacuzzi Heating Elements & Thermostats.
  • New 2-Stage Jacuzzi air blowers.
  • Replacement spa filter cartridges & housings.
  • Jacuzzi floaters, spa tablets & chemicals.
  • Replacement Jacuzzi water & air jets.
  • Jacuzzi electrical boxes and controllers.
  • New Jacuzzi jet and circulation pumps.
  • Complete Jacuzzi, spa & hot tub pump systems.
  • New Jacuzzi / spa covers & solar blankets.
  • Jacuzzi Ozonator & Ultraviolet sanitation systems.
  • Replacement colour changing LED lights.  
  • Jacuzzi inverter heat pumps.
  • Jacuzzi solar panels & solar heating systems.
Jacuzzi spares & replacement parts Jacuzzi Filters Jacuzzi Pumps