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Swimming Pool Safety Nets

Life-Saver Swimming Pool Safety Nets

Quality Pool Nets For Safety, Reliability & Peace Of Mind

Our child-proof swimming pool safety nets are made from high density polyethylene braid with a tensile strength of 160 kg and come in a choice of blue and black colours. The high quality polyethylene braid is chemically resistant and UV treated to last in our harsh South African climate.

Our swimming pool nets adhere to international safety standards. They are machine manufactured and pre-shrunk with 10-cm mesh squares which are small enough to keep a baby’s head from reaching the water in the swimming pool but also large enough to prevent walking and crawling on the net.

Each safety net is fitted with a “block and tackle” tensioning system for super easy handling and is secured to the paving around the swimming pool using flush stainless anchors.

Benefits & Features:

  • Top Quality, Child-Proof Swimming Pool Nets Manufactured To International Safety Standards.
  • Polyethylene Braid With Tensile Strength Of 160 kg.
  • UV Treated & Chemically Resistant.
  • Block & Tackle Tensioning System For Easy Fitting & Removal Of Safety Net.
  • Custom Made To Fit Any Size Swimming Pool, Jacuzzi Or Pond.
  • Available In Blue & Black Colours.
  • Flush, Stainless Anchors That Don’t Hurt Your Feet.
  • Fully Installed & DIY Pool Safety Net Packages Available.
  • Central Support Float Supplied As Standard To Keep The Safety Net At A Constant Height Above Pool Water Level.
  • Trusted Back Service & 3 Year Warranty On All Our Swimming Pool Safety Nets.
  • Great Prices On Pool Nets With Free On-Site Quotations Done Throughout Gauteng.
Swimming Pool Safety Nets

Unintentional drowning is one of the leading causes of unnatural death among young children in South Africa.

Next to adult supervision, a good quality safety net is your first and most valuable line of defence against preventing accidental drowning of youngsters around your swimming pool.

Our pool nets are made from heavy duty polyethylene braid woven into a squares 10 cm large. This configuration ensures that the squares are small enough so toddler's head can’t fit through the net but also too large for them to crawl on.

The pool net is secured under tension to the paving around your swimming pool using strong stainless hooks and anchors. This keeps the net above the pool’s water level and also ensures that a child will be unable to crawl through the perimeter of the net.

A Stabilising central float is also fitted as an additional safety precaution to keep the net well above the water’s surface even if water levels rise when it’s raining.

We make use of a trusted “block and tackle”tensioning system which makes the pool net easy to fit and remove and proves to be a huge advantage over older outdated tensioning systems.

Our pool safety nets are available in aesthetically pleasing blue and black colours.

For quality, reliability and peace of mind choose Life-Guard Swimming Pool Nets.

 Why Use A Pool Safety Net & How Do They Work?



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