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We deliver and install swimming pool covers across Gauteng and also supply DIY orders to clients throughout South Africa by courier.

First the solar blanket is rolled out and placed over the over the swimming pool with the bubbles facing down. It is important to ensure that the solar blanket covers the entire surface area of the swimming pool with no gaps left around the corners or edges.

A sharp pair of scissors is used to cut the excess material from the cover and is then left for a couple of days to stretch out before finally trimming to the exact shape of the swimming pool.

 An allowance for  trimming and turn-up at the edges (to prevent leaves and dirt getting into the pool) should be made. The minimal allowance should be around 10cm greater than the actual size of the swimming pool.

 Our pool solar blankets are manufactured as a full sized rectangular sheet to the maximum length and maximum width measurement of the swimming pool. (Including Steps)

When the pool cover is installed and fitted it is cut and trimmed down into the correct shape and size of the swimming pool.

The correct way to measure for a new solar blanket is to outline a rectangle around the entire shape of the pool and take the maximum cross width and length cross measurements.

The diagram below shows some examples of how this is done.

Solar blankets function by trapping free heat energy released from the sun.

The sun’s UV rays enter the swimming pool through the translucent bubbles on the solar blanket and is then transferred to the water effectively increasing the temperature by 4 to 8 degrees Celsius.

Besides for the initial investment paid for the pool solar blanket, the heat it generates is completely free and remains one the cheapest ways to effectively increase your swimming pool’s water temperature.

Our swimming pool covers also minimise heat loss which occurs during cold night time temperatures and ensures that the maximum potential can be harnessed from an accompanying pool solar heating system or heat pump.

Some other benefits gained with a swimming pool solar blanket include a reduction of up to 98% in evaporation caused by factors such as sun and wind. Chemical usage is also reduced between 40 and 70%

The workload is also further reduced on your pump system as these pool covers do a great job of keeping out dust, leaves and debris as well as substantially reducing the amount of algae growth in the water.

All these reduced running costs result in huge savings every month and makes a solar swimming pool cover one of the very best investments you can ever make for your swimming pool.

Benefits & Features:

  • Increase Swimming Pool Water Temperature By 4 to 8 Degrees Celsius.
  • Reduce Evaporation From Sun & Wind By Up To 97%.
  • Reduce Average Monthly Chemical Usage By 60%+
  • Keeps Out Leaves, Dust & Dirt.
  • High Quality, Heavy Duty 500-Micron Polyethylene Material Ideal For Harsh Climates.
  • Advanced Thermal Energy Absorption With Excellent Heat Retention Properties.  
  • Excellent Resistance Against Damage From Extreme Outdoor Temperatures, UV, Rain, Hail, Sun And Frost.
  • Suitable For All Chlorine And Salt Water Pools.
  • Free-Floating (No Drilling And Fastening Required.)
  • Larger Reinforced Bubbles For Lasting Durability And Increased Heating Efficiency.
  • Greatly Enhances The Performance Of Swimming Pool Solar Panels And Heat Pumps.
  • 2-Year Warranty (Life Expectancy Up To 6 Years)

SOLAR-LAB Advantage - Premium Quality Swimming Pool Covers

500-Micron Heavy Duty Pool Solar Blankets.

Solar-Lab Advantage pool covers are a great solution for heating and enhancing your swimming pool.

Solar blankets will increase your swimming pool's water temperature on average by 4-8 degrees. They reduce evaporation caused by wind and sun up to 97% and cut down on chemical and maintenance costs costs by up to 60% while dramatically reducing leaves and dirt in your pool.

 How Do SOLAR-LAB Advantage Pool Covers Work?


Best Prices On Pool Solar Blankets

Only R145.00 Per Square Meter! (Available In Blue & Black Colours)

 How Does One Correctly Measure A Swimming Pool For A New Cover?

SOLAR-LAB Advantage 500-Micron Pool Solar Blanket Colours

 How Are Pool Solar Blankets Fitted?

Solar pool blankets and solar pool covers pool solar blanket and rollup station

Swimming Pool Solar Blankets / Covers

Exclusive Pool Heating Solar Blankets

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heated pool indoor solar blanket

It’s important to use a sharp pair of scissors that can “glide” through the solar blanket rather than cut as this results in a neater more even final trim.

Your cover can also be fitted with a roll-up station for easy handling and removal. These also prolong the life span of the cover and are very useful on large sized swimming pools where one person can still easily remove and recover the solar blanket.

Please note that the pool cover roll-up stations can be supplied to a maximum width of 6.0-meters.

Our solar blankets on the other hand can be manufactured for any size swimming pool or Jacuzzi no matter how large or small it may be. pool solar covers black pool solar blankets Blue pool solar blankets

Solar-Lab Advantage pool covers are manufactured in both blue and black colour choices.

The luxurious blue finish is the preferred choice for most customers to match the effect of water in their pool.

The black colour choice is most effective option for solar heating as more of the sun’s energy is absorbed and transferred to your swimming pool.

The black colour also reduces algae growth by absorbing the wavelengths of light required for photosynthesis. This absorption of light heats the solar blanket and thus the pool through conduction while the longer wavelengths pass through the cover directly heating the water.     

Solar-Lab Advantage Black Pool Solar Blankets



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